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We are a familiar winery. Our ancestors already produced grapes in the locality of Rueda. In the year 2004 we began the elaboration of wines with our own grapes. The vineyards are cultivated on the trellis system in the municipality of Rueda in four plots of land and they date from the years 1983 to 2001.

Vinification (wine making) is made by criomaceration at low temperatures. The alcoholic fermentation is long because it is made at a temperature of 9,5º-10ºC. The winery has recent french technology and 240.000 frigories because we work at low temperatures. The filtration is tangential and is made once to keep the quality of the wines.

The grape harvest is at night and by machine. We produce all the grape. The temperature of the grape in the reception well is 8º-14ºC. Time elapsed from the beginning of the filling of the harvesting bin to the filling of the reception well is about 50-75 minutes.

The majority of the web page is in Spanish. The tastings of the wines are also in English below the tastings in Spanish.

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We are a family business that for several generations has been producing grapes in the municipality of Rueda. In 2004 we started making wines with grapes always produced by us.

Wine tasting

Enjoy our wines through a guided tasting, our goal is for you to recognize every detail.

Wine Tourism

Come and experience unique sensations with us, enjoy a walk through our winery or our vineyards, enjoy a guided tasting with our oenologists in our Gothic tasting room, without a doubt a historical experience within your reach that will not leave you indifferent.

Bar Restaurante Trascampanas

Enjoy the traditional cuisine of our region paired with our splendid wines


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